Bonnechere Museum | Eganville Ontario

Geoheritage Trail/Map

Geo Brochure 2015
Download: Bonnechere Museum Geo Brochure 2015

A geologically rich trail leads you to an exhibit of rock types, a limestone quarry, a dug trench, a riverview walk and fossils.

Hikers, Geologists and Fossil Hunters!

The Bonnechere Museum is happy to offer this local trail for recreational geology and for educational exploration, an outdoor, enjoyable way to learn some of our ancient history written in stone.

Geoheritage Trail Walk


Self Directed: get a guide-chart at the museum OR Guided Tour: click on menu item "Events" for tour schedule.

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Fossil Hunts

Fossil Hunts start at the Bonnechere Museum at 10 AM:

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